Tips To Help You Quit Smoking

Quitting Smoking Tips


There are numerous ways to quit smoking from using Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Zyban, acupuncture, hypnosis, self help books and good old fashioned cold turkey!

No matter what method you chose to quit smoking here are some helpful tips to make that journey to becoming an ex-smoker a little bit easier.

  1. Set a date. Picking a date to stop smoking will help you mentally prepare. The date itself isn’t important but write it down, mark it in your diary and ensure that everything you do is aimed at quitting smoking on that day.
  2. Don’t try it on your own. Make sure that everyone you know is aware of the fact that you’re going to stop smoking on the date you set above. Your family and friends will support you so let them know.
  3. Take professional guidance. Speak to a certified medical professional and let them know that you’re quitting smoking. Ring a Quitting Smoking Helpline. In the UK you can call 0800 169 0 169 and speak to a specialist.
  4. Positive Mental Attitude. You’re not the first person to quit smoking and you won’t be the last! More than 11 million people in Britain have quit smoking. Remember, though, that quitting smoking can be tough and you’ll need to be mentally focused to beat the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Think about the benefits of quitting smoking and these should help you with your PMA!
  5. Know your enemy. You will experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Read through our list of some of the symptoms you can expect. All of these symptoms are temporary and you’ll be feeling the benefits of being an ex-smoker within hours of stubbing out that last cigarette.
  6. Cigarettes are not your friend. A lot of people see quitting smoking as something similar to losing an old friend. This is part of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. As Allen Carr says in his excellent Easy Way To Stop Smoking – “You’re not losing anything. You’re gaining everything”.
  7. Make a list of the reasons you want to quit smoking. People have different reasons for wanting to quit. Write yours down and put it somewhere to remind you of the reasons you chose to become an ex-smoker.
  8. Consider the money. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day at current prices you’ll have saved over £150 by the end of the first month. That’s £1800 per year. Money shouldn’t be the only reason you’re quitting smoking but think about what you could do with all that extra cash!
  9. Avoid temptation. For that first difficult week try to avoid the places where you’d normally have a cigarette. If you normally go to the pub quiz on a Tuesday night, give it a miss for the first week. The nicotine withdrawal symptoms will only last a few weeks.
  10. Remember you’re not giving anything up. As Allen Carr says, cigarettes do not fill a void, they create it! You are not giving up – you are escaping!