Self Help Help Methods To Stop Smoking

Quitting Smoking : Self Help

Quitting smoking is not an easy task. Nicotine is a highly powerful drug which has been likened to heroin in terms of it’s addictive qualities and the difficulty experienced by many users when trying to quit the habit.

In addition to other treatments such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Zyban, acupuncture and hypnosis, there are many self help methods which smokers can use to help them quit smoking.

A quick check of the Yellow Pages should be able to help you locate your nearest quitting smoking help association which offers a service not unsimilar to the Alcoholics Anonymous support group. For some smokers the association with a group like AA may seem unreasonable but nicotine, just like alcohol, is an addicitve drug and quitting within a group environment can be successful for many people.

There are numerous self help methods available both online and offline including self hypnosis CDs, eBooks and traditional books.

One of the most well known and successful self help methods is the Allen Carr Easyway to Stop Smoking book. Easyway also offers a series of quitting smoking courses which run in conjunction with the book for those who have tried to quit smoking but been unable to.