Using Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

Quitting Smoking : Hypnosis

The treatment involves a hypnotherapist guiding the patient into a state of heightened awareness using a number of techniques. Once the patient enters a dreamlike state, they become more susceptible to suggestions. During this period the hypnotherapist will suggest certain phrases or keywords which will assist to reduce the patients desire to smoke and to control the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Many hypnotherapists suggest that the process involved in the treatment which relaxes the patient and removes pressure is the main reason why it is a successful way of quitting smoking.

There has been a lot of debate within the medical world over the last 20 years as to whether hypnosis should be considered a long term treatment for helping people to quit smoking. The argument is that whilst it assists a smoker to quit cigarettes during the treatment, once this treatment has been completed it may be hard for the patient to continue to stop smoking.

To a certain extent this is the case with all smoking cessation techniques and should not be considered as the only reason not to try using hypnosis as a method to quit smoking.

Hypnosis is often suggested as an alternative method to quit smoking if other treatments such as NRT or Zyban have been unsuccessful.

As with all smoking cessation treatments, willpower is needed in order for hypnosis to be a successful method of quitting smoking.